It's both good and bad

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This is a good story for young girls to read who struggle with their weight. I've never been the thin one in a group and it really can mess with you mentally when other kids and people can be harsh about it. Also pointing out that harping on your weight from a parent isn't the best way to go about it. HOWEVER, I do not like the message it sends that being fat is a good thing or should be celebrated. People die from multiple diseases that you'd have a far less likely chance of dying from when they're severely overweight. I hope that the therapist and father's lovingly involvement ends up steering her in the right direction, that being unapologetically yourself is not a bad thing and you shouldn't let people get to you, but you also don't need to be unhealthy either. This is a good story for representation, but if by the end of the book there isn't some mention of being concerned for one's weight isn't fat-shaming, then it's pointless.