Thrilling and thought provoking!

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This was a thrilling and exciting YA Sci-Fi that was a wild ride from beginning to the end! I was picking apart every single angle and clue to see if there were underlying codes to what was going to happen. Jessica is a teenager being sent via teleportation to meet up with her parents in deep space to explore a new planet. Her parents have been away for 6 years researching in other areas of the universe and Jessica is very opposed to this move. When her body is ‘sent’/ printed she realizes immediately that something is wrong. From this point the book splits into a duel timeline of before and after she is printed. The duel timeline was a little tricky to follow, but so well done and really pertinent to the storyline and overall message of the book. What really makes you an individual? You can’t run from your past or take an easy way out. You must learn to live with it and allow it to help you make better decisions for the future. I love the use of Shakespeare quotes and Robert Frost poems to reinforce the deeper thoughts and meaning of life. The plot was just so crazy at points but very entertaining. I re-read the ending and other plot points just to make sure I was really understanding and it’s totally worth it. There is moderate swearing and gore, but I definitely recommend this book. I think it can also spark some great conversations! I voluntarily reviewed this after receiving a free copy.