Not What I Thought It Would Be

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This book, while quite readable, turned out to be rather different than what I expected. The basic premise is that humans can do interstellar travel by having themselves scanned into data, then transmitted and reprinted at the far end, while the prior body is destroyed. Jessica Mathers is not too happy about the entire adventure, as she is being reunited with her parents after six years separation when they traded scientific investigation for time with her. However, when she awakens nothing is as it should be and she quickly learns that she has been reprinted by a copy of herself! I expected quite a bit of paradox and there is some of that but I have to classify this more as horror story than anything else. The two Jessicas each tell their story in slightly different time frames until they combine near the end. My only real critique is that there is a rather serios hole in the plot near the end--a situation that needs some explantation to make it work. Otherwise read on and watch this sad and horrible story unreel.