Cool Concept, Okay Delivery

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Overall, I thought this was an okay read.

I liked how in the world, we basically the explore the concept heaven, hell, and limbo, while also exploring he concept of karma. The setting was probably the most interesting part of the story, and that's probably what would make me possibly read the second book.

I think one thing I didn't love about this story in particular was that the author was trying to cater to too wide of an age range. I know they mentioned in an interview that they were writing for the YA audience from age 12-19, and that kind of came across, but not in the best way for me personally. I think they should've either written this story for older teens or younger teens, rather than trying to please everyone.

With that, I didn't love the romance in the story. I thought it could have been executed in a better way.

I also didn't love the characters in this book. While I'm usually okay with characters who follow an archetype, I feel like that was never really expanded on.

With that said, I do think this book has an audience (if I had to choose, I'd say those who enjoy stories on the younger side of YA). This book just wasn't for me.