YA Hard-hitting Contemporary

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Sparrow made me a complete emotional mess. There are so many messages that can be taken away from this book. It can be a little graphic at times so if you don’t like feeling squeamish or reading about abuse, this book won’t be for you. I liked that it got graphic because it allowed you to get emotionally involved and I feel like it will help hit the message the author was trying to send home. This is an extremely important topic that I don’t think teens are exposed to often so I found this book to be very impactful. I was entranced by this book and the pages flew by as I was reading. I loved that she was a ballerina and the scenes of her dancing were beautiful to read about. Watching these characters grow and develop over the book was well done. The messages told are so important to the abused and people attached to the abused. This book even contained parents for once, which I really appreciated! I highly recommend this book even if you aren’t normally a YA reader.