Not As Compelling As I Had Hoped

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Savannah "Sparrow" Rose is a high school student with a promising future as a ballerina. Her outward demeanor is happy and well put together, but she is hiding a terrible secret. After a tragic evening exposes that which she has tried so hard to keep to herself, will Sparrow find her self confidence again?

The format of this novel does not allow the reader to become fully engulfed in Sparrow's story. Chunks of the plot seem to be missing, as the author glosses over the details of Sparrow's very painful life. A book that involves such a sensitive subject needs to be handled delicately, but the balance between Sparrow's experience and the aftermath is off. It is hard to feel emotional for Sparrow when much of her story is just not told. The novel Sparrow is reminiscent of Speak, but it just does not reach the heights of that book. The part of the story involving Lucas fragments the novel even more, as there is enough going on without having another element to the plot. For these reasons, I would be hesitant to recommend Sparrow.