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This was such an emotional read. I knew going into it that it dealt with heavy topics, so I was prepared for all the heavy topics discussed; mainly physical abuse and emotional manipulation in a romantic relationship (definitely be aware of the trigger warnings before reading if you need them).

Things I liked:
- I loved the ballet aspect woven into the story. It was such a beautiful aspect of Sparrow’s journey of healing, and I loved the escape it brought her at times. The writing/descriptions when Sparrow and Luca danced together was lyrical and divine. It was definitely one of the best things about this book.
- I also adored all of Sparrow’s friends. They were all so fleshed out and real. They acted like real teenagers just goofing around at times, but were also super supportive and understanding of the trauma that Sparrow endures. Luca and another one of her friends especially were there for her every step of the way.
- While I’ve never been in an abusive or manipulative relationship, this book didn’t romanticize anything at all. It completely focuses on the healing that one must go through after such trauma. I highly recommend you to check out the Goodreads page for this book so that you can read reviews that can actually speak on the accuracy of the portrayal of such relationships.

My only complaint is that this book was dual perspective. I didn’t care that much for Lucas’s perspective at all. Yes he went through his own struggles, but I was much more interested in Sparrows story. The added point of view made the pacing feel off, almost like a dramatic Lifetime movie at times.

Overall this was a solid, emotional book. I definitely recommend this book of you’re looking for a good emotional rollercoaster.