Important and heartbreaking

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This book is told in two POV: Sparrow, a teenage ballet dancer and Lucas, her friend and dance partner. Sparrow enters a toxic relationship with Tristan, a good looking, popular, high school athlete. It becomes apparent to Sparrow's friends that Tristan has problems managing anger and is controlling and abusive. They try to talk to Sparrow but cannot reach her. Tristan brutally assaults Sparrow when she tries to back out of their relationship. We learn that Sparrow suffered abuse at the hands of her mother and that is why the pattern of abuse repeats years later.
Her friend Lucas is in love with Sparrow and is struggling with his own grief over the loss of his father. He feels enormous guilt in perceiving that he has failed to protect Sparrow from Tristan. I really liked Lucas and in many ways, he is a more developed character than Sparrow herself.
There were some temporal jumps that, at times, made the story feel a bit disjointed and that is the only reason I'm not giving it five stars.
This book addresses the important issue of abuse in teenage relationships and how trauma, if left unaddressed, can lead to more trauma. It was a difficult but very important read.