I enjoyed it :)

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TW: Domestic abuse, physical violence, death of a parent, emotional abuse, child abuse, grieving

I was kindly sent this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

What first drew me to read Sparrow was the cover. It looked like a typical YA romance with nice and simple main character and a likeable love interest. BUt after reading this book, it was certainly not that. This book deals with a multitude of extremely hard-hitting subjects: mainly domestic abuse in teenage relationships. This was by no means an easy read, so if anyone is considering reading it, I would pay attention to the trigger warnings.

The reason this was a 3 star read for me was that I felt so detached from the entire story. Both perspectives were told in first person, so I usually feel very connected to characters that way. But for some reason that wasn't the case for Sparrow. I think the writing was the main issue, and this is a debut novel so I won't judge it too harshly. I also just didn't care for Lucas's perspective much. I cared way more about Sparrow and her pain and how she was grieving and dealing with what happened to her. I wanted to see her heal, and anytime the perspective shifted back to Lucas, all I wanted was to hear more form Sparrow.