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Both heartbreaking and a page-turner, Sparrow tells the story of a gifted ballerina who falls in love with the popular boy and ends up in a violently abusive relationship.

Savannah "Sparrow" Rose is slated to dance her dream role, White Swan, in Swan Lake opposite her best friend, Lucas. Things change when she starts dating Tristan, her dream boy. Tristan is not what he seems and soon Sparrow is making excuses for his behavior. Her friends try to help, but she does not believe there is a problem.

Sparrow is a realistic portrayal of an abusive relationship that goes too far. It is told with alternating narratives: Sparrow and Lucas. I really like how the author chose to include Lucas's story. Often books about abuse only focus on the victim and not the other people in the victim's life who try to help.

This book is a must read.