Good Story, unnecessary secondary character

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This story is heartbreaking and inspirational, but it also had a few flaws. The timeline and switching between Sparrow and Lucas' POVs was really strange. There would be several chapters from Sparrow's POV ranging several months. Then it would switch to Lucas' POV, but go back to the beginning of that time range. It was just very strange. And honestly I don't think Lucas' POV was necessary. Sparrow is going through something very difficult, and although Lucas is too, the way he reacts to his problems was very toxic and selfish. I just felt that Lucas took away from Sparrow's story, which was so important. So yeah, I liked half of the book... Sparrow's half. I loved watching her overcome abuse and recover and become a better, stronger person. I really liked how the story ended. Everything turned out perfectly (including Tristan's punishment and Sparrow and Lucas' relationship).