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This book contains a lot of mature themes and language and can be triggering for some people so please be careful if you decide to read this book. This book is about a very talented ballerina and how she was sexually assaulted. The book dives deep into the Sparrow's mind and how she is handling her life with her abusive boyfriend and balancing ballerina at the same time. This book is also told in two POVs which are Savannah (the Sparrow) and Lucas her friend and dance partner.
The book can be a little difficult to follow at times but overall it is not too difficult to understand what is happening in the story and when it is happening.
The cover of this book is just immaculate. It is so simple but perfect for the book. I find that covers usually set the mood for the book and this cover definitely does set the mood. It gives off a bit of a soft eerie vibe to me which sometimes can be hard to achieve.