A dark and emotional YA contemporary.

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This YA contemporary is very heavy and dark. I think the description/blurb does well enough to inform the reader of such, but it was still beyond what I'd imagined. The story has twists and turns and covers two distinct perspectives. The first perspective is that of the titular character, Savannah Rose aka Sparrow. She studies ballet at an academy and is a pretty average 17 year-old girl. She is still haunted by memories of her mother who passed away when she was little. She meets Tristan King, a student at her school. The two start dating and she falls hard for him. The secondary character is Lucas, a friend of Savannah who notices signs of toxicity in her relationship with Tristan. His efforts to come to her aid send him down an increasingly troubled path. Both perspectives are vividly portrayed but both leads are quite flawed and don't have enough charisma to make up for that. Some earlier sections drag. The plot thickens in the latter half and the story remains interesting. When all was said and done, I do feel that the characters drove this book and I couldn't quite connect with them or find their perspectives enthralling enough to match the weight of their struggles. Disclosure : I was provided an ARC of this book for review.