A sweet YA fantasy

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Song of the Crimson Flower is an enjoyable YA Vietnamese fantasy with a sweet, tender romance. Lan is the daughter of a wealthy nobleman, while Bao is an orphan who works as a physician's assistant. A witch curses Bao and he must break the curse before it's too late. Lan and Bao experience a lot of growth throughout the story as their worldview expands. I love that they learn about each other as they spend time together and a spark grows between them.

This book reads like a fairytale, and the plot is quite straightforward - there's a lot of charm rather than intensity or plot twists. Descriptions of the kingdom are beautifully written, and the dialogue between Lan and Bao is lovely. Although this is a standalone novel, it is a companion to Dao's Forest of a Thousand Lanterns duology and several characters from that duology make an appearance or are referenced. It was quite a treat to see those characters again so I recommend reading the duology first!