Craving More!

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In these first few pages of the book, I found myself intrigued by this new world. I enjoyed getting to know the cultural side of it, instead of just a description of how it looks. That was very interesting to me, as I often find thecultural aspects of the books I read to be lacking somewhat. It was amazing to open this book and immediately get a sense of the culture— specifically marriage. I most anticipate watching the relationship between Bao and Lan grow and flourish. I started to get a sense of what this book would contain— which seemed like the generic love story, but then the author threw me for a loop at the end. I thought I had an idea of how this story would work out, but now I have no idea. I cannot wait to see how this story plays out!

When I first glimpsed this cover, which was quite a bit ago, I knew that I would have to buy this book. Dragonflies have special meanings in my family, so this cover really spoke to me. Also, the gold with the red roses fits perfectly, in my opinion. I cannot imagine a better cover.