Vivid and Rich, Rooted in Rarely-Discussed History

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This book was amazing, both as a retelling and as a standalone. I particularly adored the ace rep in this book. I wasn’t expecting it and it got me right in the feelings.

This retelling of Little Women follows four sisters as they navigate the world as former slaves finding their footing in a freedman colony during and after the Civil War. All four of them have had very different experiences despite being in the same family. While their arcs parallel those of the four sisters in Alcott's original novel, they follow their own paths and arrive at very different places. I loved how each of them were characterized, and language used to describe the nuance of the era was stunning, even when it was frustrating and/or heartbreaking. It worked on so many levels. The sense of family and community, and the way those thing change over the period when this book takes place, is vivid and engaging. Another great entry in the Remixed Classics series!

The way Morrow blends historic commentary and information into this story is so beautiful. I adore the Remixed Classics project and her contribution to it.