Might Be An Interesting Re-Do of a Classic

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So MANY BEGINNINGS is definitely an interesting idea for a new spin of a very old classic. I did read Little Women many years ago; I vaguely remember liking it and thinking it was sad in places, but not necessarily loving it.

After reading the sample pages for this new adaptation, I feel interested in the story. The author has done a good job of quickly establishing the different personalities of the sisters. However, what I find most interesting so far is the historical aspect of the all-Black community in which the girls now live. Clearly, this is going to be a story that differs greatly from Louisa May Alcott's original.

The author's style of writing flows easily. Although it is difficult to judge a book from a short sample, everything I've read so far suggests that this will be an enjoyable book to read. I think I might enjoy it more thinking of it as an independent story and not an "adaptation."