Little Women Historical Re-imagining

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So Many Beginnings, a Little Women Remix, takes the classic novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and tells it from the point of view of four freed slave sisters. It keeps all the wonderful moments between the four sisters and their mother that readers know and love from the original, while incorporating important historical events and experiences that slaves and freed slaves experienced during and after the civil war.

I loved that it was true in spirit while informing of important experiences. I also loved the slight differences (take note Jo and Laurie!). Being as the book was not as long as the original, it did not have all the detail and intimacy that i do love from the original however this was beyond enjoyable and i think an important addition to young readers bookshelves.

I'd love to have more of the sisters stories - perhaps the author can continue in a similar but different way to that of LMA.