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I think it's accurate to say I have somewhat mixed feelings regarding "So Many Beginnings" by Bethany C. Morrow.

First off, I'm just impressed though. The amount of work that Morrow put in to researching the history behind the time period and characters she created is quite honestly astounding. I learned so much from reading the novel. I appreciated how she took a story already made and made it her own through research and study.

I think though while that incredibly impresses me I would've loved for the book to have been able to stand on it's own. The fact that I constantly held it against a book that I grew up loving "Little Women" made it hard for me to soak in Morrow's book. I get that this was a writing/marketing ploy and perhaps it will draw more readers. I just kept getting hung up on that. And that's on me and my own reading habits I know. I think this book is fascinating and well worth the read.