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I enjoyed reading this remix of Little Women, a book I've loved since I was a child. The author did an excellent job of taking the basic bones of the story and rewriting it to create a totally new one. Told from the perspective of the formerly enslaved March family, the story opened for me things I had not thought about before. Once people were freed from slavery, how easy was it for them to live free lives? The March family may have had it easier than many others, since Meg was educated along with the enslavers' daughter, and she, in turn, educated her family. It was still a difficult life. Northerners still thought they knew what was better for former slaves, attempting to guide and control rather than empower.

Mostly, the writing is very good. At times it does veer into telling the political story in a way that didn't easily fit the dialogue. Overall, it didn't distract from the story.