Clever Twist to a Classic Story

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The “modern interpretation” of Little Women is something that is certainly not original. From graphic novel, to film, to prose, this had been done time and time again. Despite this, I felt that Bethany C. Morrow’s “Little Women Remix” was fresh and original!
I loved the new perspective of the original time period the novel offered. Seeing the March sisters as a black family living in a Roanoke Colony for free slaves was very interesting.
The novel follows a similar plot to that of the original book, with slight changes to follow the “remix.” For instance, Amy dreams of becoming a dancer in Boston and Jo becomes a non fiction writer documenting the struggles of black Americans. She is also hinted at being asexual through the portrayal of her relationship with Laurie. Beth also is plagued by sickle cell anemia rather than scarlet fever. As an illness highly prevalent in black communities, the way she is dismissed by medical professionals and such is examined.