A Families Fight

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I am going, to be honest, and make a horrible admission that I have never read or watched Little Women. Some people I know have tried to get me to watch it. I have never had the time to, but after reading this, I will make sure I get around to it. So because I do not know the original, "Little Women" I ask someone I know who does know the original, and so I have a good basis for the differences between this story and the original. The main difference in this remix is the sisters are black and are former slaves. I enjoyed this twist to the original and it allowed the author to shed some light on the history and include some positive messages.

The writing and wording of this story might be hard for some people to grasp right away because the author did well in maintaining the integrity of the writing style of the original and including the more formal dialogue. I surprisingly had no trouble following along with what was happening and normally I do when the writing style is trying to mimic one from a different time. I personally really like the way that it was written, it helped to add a unique element to the story and helped me to immerse myself in the period it is set in.

I have no problem with the story that was written, my only problem is that I feel like it needed more. The story went by so fast with very little substance I feel like the story needed to be longer to properly develop the characters and to dive deeper so that we have more of a personal connection to the characters. The major development in the character's lives happened so very fast it left little time to completely grasp it and let our hearts get involved.

Each of the March sisters has varying personalities and interests. Some of them got on my nerves like little Amethyst acted childish often acting out to get her way but she is the youngest out of the four. The other ones each have little moments where I was yelling at them wishing they had thought or acted differently. But this all just adds development and life into the story.

I got an audiobook version of this story and I think the narrator did very well in maintaining the demeanor of the characters and telling the story in the correct voice to keep the formal tone of the writing style. There were slight differences in her voice with each character and this helped to differentiate when each character was speaking. There was nothing overly special about the narration and I think that this book would be enjoyed as an audiobook just as well as it would reading it yourself.

So overall there was nothing overly special about this book. Lovers of Little Women will likely enjoy this remix and getting to read a different take on a beloved classic.