A Beautiful Story

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This is a beautifully written YA historical fiction book, a wonderful remix of the Louisa May Alcott classic Little Women, taking place in 1863 in the Freedpeople’s Colony of Roanoke Island.

From my first glance at the stunningly beautiful cover I knew I was going to love this book and I did. The characters are well-written and they fabulously retain the feel of the well-known classic characters from Little Women- Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy- while being deliciously fresh and new at the same time.

In this version, the four March sisters are Black young women coming into their own as they have set down roots with their mother in the community newly created by recently emancipated Black people in North Carolina.

The plot is engaging and the story gives valuable insight into the lives of this strong family during the Civil War. It is evident the author did a substantial amount of research when writing this book- the attention to detail is incredible. It’s important to be made aware of the issues faced by Black people during this time- the author shines a bright light on these experiences of which we otherwise wouldn’t be aware.

The bond shared by this beautiful, strong, close-knit family is positively heartwarming and through all of their ups and downs the thing that consistently holds true throughout is the love they share.