This book was sooo weird in ALL the best ways

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So I was super excited to read this book! This is the very FIRST arc I’ve won via raffle from @BookishFirst 😬🤓📖 Thank you soooo much to Tor/Forge Books and Sarah Adlakha for giving me a free copy for an honest review!

This book was sooo weird in ALL the best ways. I want to start by saying why the hell would Sylvia tell Maria not to go to the storage unit🤦🏽‍♀️ Of course telling her not to go anywhere near it would only make her want to do it more. At the same time though, Maria really frustrated me because she didn’t even try to believe. Sylvia gave her info she could’ve easily verified via google, just like her husband suggested and yet she didn’t. Instead she thought it was a way better idea to go to the storage unit by herself while several months pregnant 😫 Just typing this makes me mad all over again!

I loved the back and forth between Maria’s POV and Jenny’s. At first I kept thinking who the hell is Jenny but then the story proceeded to get more and more interesting. If I was Jenny, I wouldn’t have been so quick to lend a helping hand to Rachel. I think knowing she shot a pregnant woman would’ve been enough for me. I definitely wouldn’t need to know her reasons why lol I sure wouldn’t have put my own family at risk trying to protect her, especially when it’s clear at this point she doesn’t know her as well as she thinks she does.

I honestly didn’t know how to feel about the ending. My emotions were ALL over the place. I flip flopped a lot on what I would’ve done if I were in Maria’s shoes. It was absolutely nuts and mind blowing how everyone’s lives intersected no matter what path they chose. Fate connected them all together at one point or another.