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Wow, where to start. I’m not usually a fan of time traveling unless it’s a romance, but She Wouldn’t Change a Thing, has completely changed my opinion on that. I was hooked on Maria’s story from the beginning, and I couldn’t even guess what was going to happen at the end. There were so many twists, and although I did cringe at some of her choices, like seriously Maria look around at your surroundings and just think before you speak, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have done the same thing. The plot was originally and I loved all but on of the characters. I won’t say who, because I don’t want to spoil it but when I found out what had happened, I was livid and sick at the same time. Also if you weren’t paying attention to the time changes you could get confused, but after awhile I got used to the writing. The best part though was the ending and the epilogue, I absolutely loved it and couldn’t have thought of a better ending. It was sad and beautiful and all the fuzzy emotions in between.