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Well this book certainly has an original plot! The author does a nice job with characterization, showing through actions and dialogue what it would feel like to be put in the position of the characters. They certainly have some inner struggle with the paths they are willing to take and the choices they have been forced to make.

This is a bit more than just a fictional time travel book. The author has woven this story together with reincarnation, past lives and the idea that Maria, the main character, could be in a coma in the hospital while at the same time waking up in her teenage body.

The book also has a secondary story line that intersects with the first. The main character, Jenny, is someone who is difficult to care about. She comes across as very self-centered--keeping secrets and not being honest with the man she married. She is apathetic toward him and her own son, dwelling on a past that probably wouldn't have worked out that well for her. Her husband, on the other hand, had his own secrets, but he did love and care for Jenny and her son.

While this is an original story, I didn't particularly care for some of the characters, but I did feel the plot was well thought out. 3 stars.