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This book about a woman who wakes up in her 17 year old body is captivating. From the beginning this book holds your attention. Maria Forssmann, the main character spends the book trying to get back to her husband and children in the present. She is torn between trying to return to her present life and helping an important figure in her husband's past life. She has decisions to make that will influence her life in the present.

The ending was fantastic! Revealing Maria's decisions and the impact they had. How many of us wish we could have the opportunity to go back and possibly change the events that happened so long ago and create a new ending for ourselves. Maria is given this opportunity and the author does a great job of revealing Maria's thoughts throughout this book as she is faced with decisions.

I had a difficult time puting this book down and really enjoyed the read. I highly recommend this book. Thank you Bookish First and for the advanced copy.