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i loved the concept of this book so i was super excited to get my hands on an arc! i haven't read anything quite like this book before and honestly wouldn't pick it up normally.

thirty-nine year old maria forssmann has two kids with a third one on the way at the beginning of the story. she's a psychiatrist and has an odd encounter with a patient, one that leaves her deeply unsettled as the patient knows things that they shouldn't know. things like her unborn baby's name that she hasn't told anyone about. the patient warns her about her coworker, which maria tries to dismiss.

a day later, the patient is dead and the police hand maria a letter. everything feels more real and she decides to heed the warning. before she can figure out the mystery, she ends up in her seventeen year old self living with her parents and no baby.

she's immediately confused and stresses her parents out as they all try to figure out what happens. seventeen year old maria must figure out how to manipulate events to get back to present day to her kids and husband, but she doesn't know what was the catalyst to this time travel or anything about what happened.

she finds out that there have been previous time travelers similar to her, who have been chosen to prevent an event from happening and change history. at first, maria doesn't know what her purpose is and only wants to go back home. but then she has to choose between her tough choices.

i don't want to spoil anything, but i do want to say that the novel was super interesting and an unique read. it was definitely confusing at times, and it took some time for me to understand what was happening. it raised intriguing questions like if you would adjust an event and change history or not? or what would you sacrifice and give up to do so? and most of all, would you change a thing?

overall, this was an engrossing novel that had multiple twists and turns i never expected. i enjoyed it even though i was pretty confusing for me, which is why i'm only rating it four stars. nevertheless, i would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a creative and engaging novel to read!