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Wow. I'm not sure where to start with this one. The concept of overlapping lives, people going back in time to change things and all the interlocking lives is immense and beautiful.

Maria, wife and mom of two girls expecting a third, is overwhelmed with life. She's nearing her due date and struggling to balance her family obligations, her health and her psychiatrist practice. She feels a failure when a patient claiming to be from the future takes her life after a brief, intense session with Maria.

The warnings this patient leaves with Maria are confusing and do little to keep Maria from harm. Instead she walks right into it, piqued by curiosity.

Suddenly she wakes up in her childhood home, in her teenage body. What happened? Can she get back? What is she meant to do differently this time around? Can she change the future?

The last chapter drew an audible gasp from me at just how intertwined the characters' lives are. No matter where in time.