Dolly’s out of prison and everyone’s out to get her and her diamonds.

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I really enjoyed this first glimpse into She’s Out by Lynda La Plante. The premise of the story immediately captured my attention and pulled me in. The writing style was very descriptive and clearly painted the picture of Dolly Rawlins’ life in prison, the position she held and the respect she demanded.

After eight years in prison for the murder of her husband, Dolly Rawlins, aka “Big Mama”, is finally out. Having helped so many inmates, Dolly hopes to continue to assist them in the future. As she leaves prison she’s unsure of herself and her future but Dolly has her dreams and the diamonds she stashed before the police caught her. She’s made plans and now she can finally start making her dreams a reality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who have their own plans for Dolly and her diamonds. There are ex-cons who know about the diamonds and they’re determined to get their share. There’s also DS Mike Withey who blames Dolly for his sisters death. He will do anything to ensure that Dolly heads back to prison. Will Dolly see the motives behind the ex-prisoners actions? Will she be able to avoid DS Withey and his investigation? Will Dolly outsmart them all and once again be “Big Mama” to the women who need her the most? I look forward to finding out what’s in store for Dolly.

This was a great start to a very unique story. The cover definitely caught my eye and holds a great deal of mystery.