So twisty!

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This is one of the twistiest thrillers I’ve read in a while! Meghan Michaels is a newly divorced critical care RN, living with her teen daughter in a fairly rough neighborhood. When a young woman comes in having seemingly jumped from a bridge, Meghan is assigned to take care of her. It’s a disturbing case made all the more disturbing because there’s a rapist on the loose in the neighborhood, following women home and attacking them. Meanwhile, Meghan is disturbed by a number of coincidences surrounding Caitlin and the people in both of their lives. Did Caitlin jump or did someone push her? Is that person following Meghan?

This story had a chokehold on me! This right here is why I’m such a Kubica fan and why I love a good thriller that can still shock me. Revealing too much will spoil this story, so I’ll stop right here but not before I urge anyone who loves a complex and gripping (yes, I said gripping – ugh) thriller that will lead the reader down a merry path of guessing, second guessing and then come right back around again. It was fantastic!

Thrilling, gripping and completely unpredictable! Loved this one so much!