She should've been sorry

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I believe this was my first book by Mary Kubica. While I was initially intrigued by the preview that I read of this book, I was a bit let down once I started reading it. The prologue of the book, which sees her daughter being held for ransom, is less of a major plot point than I thought it was going to play. It seemed like a ploy to entice readers to start this book.

I did not enjoy the fact that part one is told from 1 person's perspectives but 2 separate timelines without knowing that there are 2 separate timelines. It seemed really messy to me after finding out that's not everything was happening in a linear fashion.

The whole side plot with Luke also seemed unnecessary and I saw it coming as soon as she mentioned what had been happening in the city. I also think there was an unanswered question about why Caitlin was motivated to act the way that she acted, I mean was it simply jealousy of an ex-wife I mean was it simply jealousy of an ex-wife, Because her actions seem extreme if that's the case. I did enjoy the twist but I don't like how it got there.