Kubica's Best!

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When I tell you my jaw dropped at the end of part one of this book, I mean it quite literally, even though I was in public. I'm a Mary Kubica completionist- I've read all of her books so far- and I can say that this is definitely my new favorite. She's Not Sorry starts pretty subtly, but readers who are wondering what the hype is in the early chapters just need to hold on until Kubica starts clicking all the pieces into place. The writing in this is well paced, and the plot is pretty tight within a book that isn't overly long- and I appreciated that while the ending is satisfying, there is just enough room to wonder what the future holds for the characters. The characters are interesting, and Meghan is a relatable main character with very human complexity. Her relationship with her daughter and the complications of parenting alongside the other issues in the story were excellent. If you're new to the author, this is a great place to start!