Fast paced and twisty!

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With the start of a phone call demanding money in return for her daughter, this book immediately hooked me to find out what Meghan was going to do. Which you won't find out for awhile because the ICU where Meghan works has a patient, a survivor of a suicidal jump off a bridge and a great big mystery of why Caitlin would do such a thing. It falls to Meghan to care for this patient and comfort Caitlin's grieving family which brings up painful memories of her own. And on top of that, there is a man attacking women on the streets. Did he have a hand in Caitlin's jump? And if that is not enough, Nat reenter's Meghan's life, trying to escape an abusive husband. So many twists and turns, impossible decisions to make and the danger rises for Meghan and Sienna, making this a super hard book to put down.

This is the first book I have read by Mary Kubica but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be reading more stories by this author!