Excellent thriller

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This is really an unusual thriller! Meghan is an ICU nurse who is taking care of Caitlin, a young woman thought to have attempted suicide by jumping off a bridge. Soon the police are investigating the incident as an attempted murder. Meghan is dealing with her own issues and tries to reconnect with Natalie, an old friend from high school. As she tries to help Natalie escape an abusive relationship, Meghan uncovers secrets that give this thriller some perfect twists,
I found this to be a very well written thriller that really had me engaged with twists that surprised me. The plot is so creative and the tension was so real! Mary Kubica’s writing is so good that I felt the terrifying moments like I was living them. And no spoilers, but the moral dilemmas are so thought provoking and made this thriller even more unique. Definitely a book that is hard to put down!