Decent thriller with some interesting twists

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Mary Kubica's latest entry into the thriller world is certain to satisfy avid readers of the genre. She's Not Sorry does not stray far from the formula that thrillers tend to follow, but it doesn't need to in order to deliver a fast-paced and, at times, suspenseful story.

Meghan Michaels is a recently divorced nurse who is raising her 16-year-old daughter in Chicago amid an outbreak of violent crime toward women. Meghan is also an ICU nurse, whose latest patient is admitted, unconscious, after falling from a bridge... or did she? As the reader follows Meghan and her growing paranoia, it becomes clear that the protagonist is in harm's way, as is her daughter (a point that the prologue made clear).

The author cleverly plays with the timeline in the narration to make the twists successful. The story is engaging throughout and maintains a pretty steady push to the end. I also appreciate how the author only employed one point of view.

I have some quibbles about the author's writing style. At times, sections of the text seem to almost be reiterated word-for-word later on in the novel, making it seem as though the author doesn't trust the reader's memory. This repetition removed me from the story on occasion, which is not ideal in the thriller world. There were times when the author also seemed to get stuck on a certain word or phrase, and used it multiple times within a chapter. It doesn't take away from the plot, but it's something that distracts me as a reader.

The cover is appealing and places the book firmly in the genre per current publishing design trends, so readers will know exactly what to expect. An enjoyable and quick read that most readers will enjoy.

Thanks to BookishFirst and Park Row Books for supplying the advanced copy for review.