A slight miss

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I was really excited to read shes not sorry. However, sadly i left the experience disappointed.
Immediately after the prologue i was confused. Have we moved back in time as we hit chapter one or Forward? Why don’t we know? Then I was interested in the story but bam here comes the prologue again word for word. Why are we reading this twice? Its not one paragraph its pages long. The characters are not like able and the “twists” were occasionally so obvious that they were boring.

The writing style of this book was monotonous. I could not wait for this story to end and that ending was predictable which leave it even more disappointing. I am not really sure which characters are relatable of entertaining. I felt at times that descriptions were repetitive and that this book still requires quite a but of editing. I hope that this editing happens prior to publication. Thank you bookish first for this arc in exchange for my honest review.