A lot of buildup....

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This would have been a 2 star for me, until the very last page which left one last impressive twist. It was pretty obvious all along who was doing what, and the story seemed to drag on and on. Enough litte clues are dropped that eventually you can see what's coming. It was way over the top in terms of unbelievability.

The central story revolves around Meghan, who is a single mom of a teen daughter. She works as an ICU nurse and has a fairly likeable personality. Most of the book is pretty mundane in terms of events and details. We get to read a lot about the types of drinks Meghan orders, and what types of clothes she likes to wear. This book did inspire me to look up a recipe for slow cooker Italian Beef, so that was a winning moment.

It was weird that after the initial visit to the divorce support group, Meghan never seemed to go again. I wondered if there was another reason to include that detail, or if it was just a convenient way for Meghan to meet up with Nat.