Stunning Beginning

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There is so much happening in just the first few pages of “She’s Not Sorry” that I don’t know where to begin to describe how emotional it all made me feel. First, the phone call from her daughter in the prologue. Sienna has been kidnapped and Meghan is asked to do something to save her daughter’s life. I really want to know what this teaser is all about. Then, the scene goes to the hospital where Megan works in the ICU and a patient named Bridget who tried to commit suicide and who may or may not live. There are hints that there is a connection here, but it’s unclear for now what it is. The next scene is at a divorce support group where Meghan meets an old friend from high school named Natalie. There is a lot of guessing happening in my mind about how and when the connections will be made. This is a stunning beginning because I am already hooked into the story of Meghan, Sienna, Bridget and Natalie. I want to follow the clues and uncover the hidden connections as I do. I want to read this book!