Run-of-the-Mill Thriller

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Mary Kubica is smart to hook the reader with a high-stakes prologue, letting us know that the main character's life is about to turn upside down when her daughter is seemingly kidnapped.

The reader is then introduced more formally to the protagonist, Meghan, who is a divorced nurse. She's on her way to her divorce group meeting when she runs into a former high school classmate, Natalie, who is also there to check out the meeting. Meghan notices some concerning physical clues on Natalie. Meghan wants to follow up, but Natalie eludes her.

Without the prologue, there isn't much to grab the reader's attention. There is some intrigue, but most of the action is shown through flashbacks to Meghan's first time at the group. If I wasn't clued in to the stakes ahead, I likely would not be interested in reading more.

The plot, characters, narration, and trendy book cover (with bright text) all indicate that "She's Not Sorry" is a quick read with some twists and turns, but nothing too complicated or inventive as far as the thriller genre goes.