Uplifting and heartfelt

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I like the soft brushed look of the cover and it's simplicity. I like to read different biblical based books to see different perspectives you can get from them as religion has many perceptions from each individual and how it is interpreted. Saint-Elien really shows that her faith is very forefront in her way of being and how she writes. She Reigns is a biblical self-help book that not only discusses faith but has an aspect of comfort and relatability to it as Saint-Elien shares some of her own personal struggles within the reading.
It feels as though reading it is like sitting in the room while she was writing and having this as a long conversation, it is very personable writing and gives a sense of connection from author to readers. This book has inspiration, vulnerability, and relatability to those that have probably at some point struggled with themselves and their identity, but it is from a very biblical standpoint. I have faith and practice in my own way but I am not as immersed everyday as others may be or are since we are all individually different. I did relate to this in a few different ways to my own life and struggles. Thank you for the winning copy to read and review.