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I started this book and had to stop back up when I could I had 6 or 9 pages left couldn't remember what chapter it was turns out it was Chapter 9 and the book was almost done.It was a quick read especially for a digital copy.Loved that she used scriptures her experiences Chapter 9 I felt like was for me she talks about your intimate relationship with God,about letting go of grudges with God telling him everything not holding your emotions inside giving all over it to God I was like that is so me holding everything in not wanting to both anymore believing God doesn't care isn't there trying to remind myself he is he never left isn't the cause of everything to calm down.She added questions to answer that pertained to the chapter.I can't wait to read again normally I would delete the books figuring I wouldn't read again.I had never heard of this author before I won.I think I will be looking for more of her books.