Powerful and Inspiring Christian Nonfiction

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The book felt like a journey through the topics. It starts out rather serious and then moves through the topics before ending on a spiritual high, like we conquered things as we moved through each chapter. The other really brought in a lot of Biblical truths that some people don't usually give. It seems like a lot of people try to filter out the Bible when giving advice and the author did the opposite here. I felt like she really tried to speak truth and see everything through the lens of the Bible.

Her writing style made it feel like you were sitting down and having a conversation with a friend. She really approached every topic with love and understanding, probably because she spoke on things she had gone through. Seeing her journey of going through these things really helped me to relate to her. Some of the topics were really personal and sharing them must have been difficult, but some of those were the best parts of the book. I could feel the emotion behind what she said and how she was sharing those things for the person who needed to hear them.

There was a main focus throughout of seeing ourselves how God sees us, and how we should live as Christians. There were so many great things said throughout the book that I was taking notes and really thinking over things. I was encouraged by a lot of things and plan to revisit a few topics.

Usually, when books like this have reflective questions, or discussion questions, they don't really do much to drive the point home or make you think, but the ones in this book were really good and made me pause and go through them.

Overall, I really liked the book and how it was written. It was empowering, like you could feel the power of the truth throughout the whole book. There was a lot of encouragement about becoming who you are in Christ and not believing the lies of the enemy. I really enjoyed that because it is something we all fall victim to at times. The book had a way of getting me fired up as I read because it spoke the truth boldly. I will definitely check out other books from the author. I would even read this one again.