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At first, I really got into the book. The author was so honest even more than I have read in other books. I respected that. The first half of the book is confessions with some advice but nothing truly actionable. The second section claims to have those actionable tasks that would help you. But things took s dark turn.

I couldn’t finish this book after one chapter into the second section. The author is of the ilk that believes anxiety is a sin. She refuses to even look into the physical reasons for anxiety and depression. It's just the devil taking you from God. She also referred to the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator as an “online test” knocking it down to some insipid Buzzfeed quiz. This book is highly disrespectful and shuns those with mental illness who just can’t magically change their thinking. This is one of the reasons some Christians have a disrespectful view of mental illness.