Not What I Expected.

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Thank you Bookish First and Revell for this free ebook copy. Here's my honest review in exchange:

This book did not meet my expectations. It had potential but it just fell flat. The author talks about her journey and personal issues (relatable). I like that Tarah-Lynn Saint-Elien is not being preachy in her writing. I do like the questions at the end of every chapter. Liked the writing style and gone of this author. It took me a while to finish this (slow read). I am not crazy about the title of this book. I wish this book was more of a guide that I can use to cope with my anxiety. I do not like that anxiety is being treated as a sin instead of coaching us through it. This is not the self help book for me and I will not recommend to others that have anxiety. Will definitely not read from this author again. The cover is gorgeous though (love the color scheme).