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Thank you for sending me this e book. I have to say that I would have bought the book if it had a pretty cover and/or was in a day when I felt in need of a pick me up book. Saying that I’m afraid to say that I wouldn’t have kept it on my shelves after reading. Not necessarily because it’s such a great book that it needs to be shared… it’s more Because I see no reading to ever pick it up again! Nothing that I would like or feel the need to read again. Nothing that will make smile or thoughtful by only glancing at it! Nothing whatsoever that will stay with you for longer than it took you to read the book. I’m sorry to say that, I know we are in the type of situation where it’s not you it’s me, maybe I shouldn’t have even shared my opinion as obviously this book is someone’s hard work… contradicting myself here don’t I?! But in conclusion… but the book and decide for yourself! You can always gifted if you don’t like it!