I'm conflicted.

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The book originally came off as a Bible study to me, however the truth is it felt more like following the author along in her journey as she worked through some personal turmoil. There's nothing wrong with that, it just wouldn't be a Bible study at that point.

I also mention this because there are discussion questions at the end of each chapter which is very common for study based curriculum. However, very few mentioned verses for further study.

The first half of the book felt very personal testimony, whereas the second half did have a lot more Scripture. But it almost felt broken. As in, going from story mode to Bible study mode with no real transition. And the Bible study mode felt almost rushed.

I don't typically struggle getting through these kinds of books, but this one took we a long time.

I'm also still not a fan of the title. The implication that we are reigning instead of God bothers me. I get the concept she was going for, but it still feels too self focused instead of God focused. (For the record, I call myself a princess of God all the time so I understand seeing yourself as royalty).

In summary, I think the book had some great potential, but ultimately fell flat.