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As a life-long Christian, I know I'm always on a faith journey and struggle each day to stay focused on God and His love for me. I personally take each day to pray and still have so many doubts. What I enjoyed about this book was the conversational style in which it was written--it was like having a friend talking about her experiences. I enjoyed learning about the author's personal struggles and faith journey as well as her triumphs.

This book, although easy to read, didn't quite meet my expectations, however. I'd hoped for more insight and actionable ways to seek God's truth in my own life. I did enjoy the reflection questions at the end of each chapter and often sat pondering the answers for myself.

The best part and greatest take away for me was the truth that Satan is trying to use my personal doubts as weapons to block my forward faith journey. However, this book taught me that doubts come from believing! You cannot doubt something you don't believe. Mind blown!

Satan tells me lies every day and I need to remind myself each day that God loves me and would never tell me these lies about myself. I am a daughter of God and therefore, I am royalty and heir to a home in God's kingdom.