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Whenever I read Christian books, I always assume they are going to be a certain way, but then I'm pleasantly surprised when it is different from what I am expecting. This book is relatable to a certain group of people, but they just have to find it. I know what it's like to have anxiety like that, and while I'm not truly over it, I've gotten better about it. This book is going to speak to people who think they are alone in their fears, who know they shouldn't be feeling that way, but have no clue how to change it.
Now, the writing style is a little different than what I usually like, it feels like someone trying to be real and honest about what they have experienced. I may not relate to everything in the book, but no one usually does. There are some points you need to hear, and some else needs to hear a different part. I'm quite curious about what all this book will cover. I'm also curious as to if the cover of the book will make sense once I read it. Right now I don't understand the cover at all.