The Standard!

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"Shark's Edge" has just become the standard by which all other "slow burn" romance books will be judged. The chemistry between Sebastian Shark and Abbigail Gibson is perfection and keeps the reader captivated from beginning to end. As individuals, they seem to be fairly predictable romance characters but they are so much more complex than they initially seem. The supporting characters - Bas' best friend, Abbigail's sister-in-law - are brilliantly woven into the story to hint at the past and help the reader understand the two main characters.

I loved absolutely everything about this book. The relationship between Bas and Abbigail is the focus of the book with just enough mystery thrown in to build up to a bit of a cliffhanger. How far will business rival Victor Blake go to ruin Sebastian? Will Abbigail end up being Victor's pawn? And exactly how far will one woman's obsession with Bas go? This is only the first book in the series and while the relationship between the two main characters is the focus of this boo, there are plenty of possibilities hinted at to fill up at least another book or two. Can't wait to read the next one!